About Itsonlyamovieblog

I’m Kate.  I love my dog Henri, Ballet, making Glitch Art and Film.  For as long as I can remember Film has always been a huge part of my life–while my interests would change or fade over the years, film was the only one that not only stuck but actually strengthened each day.  I started writing about film when I was in eighth grade–it wasn’t shared with anyone else, it was just something that I did for myself, for my own enjoyment.

In college I took a great deal of Film Studies classes, each one was incredibly wonderful and inspiring, and attention-grabbing for me.  It was during my Senior year of College that I realized that writing about film was my true passion, it fulfilled me in a way that nothing else had before; I also realized that my passion was not limited to writing about film, but also extended to discussing film with others.

This website is a collection of my various writings about film, some pieces are recently written and some are edited versions of essays I wrote in College; a few Thursdays of every month, I share an essay from College–unedited and completely untouched prior to being turned into a professor for Throwback Thursday.  I love all genres of film, but I have a very special place in my heart for Horror and Cult films.   I am a frequent guest on the Cinema File Podcast where my friend Andrew (host of the Cinema File Podcast) and I do a monthly Cultcore series, as well as the Astro Radio Z: Film Jerks (both podcasts are available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio), I am lucky enough to be a part of these wonderful Podcasts where I have the opportunity to discuss film with some very knowledgeable and seriously awesome people.



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