The Muppet Movie Haiku

The Muppets are really great, I have been spending time watching all of the major Muppet movies that I missed when I was a kid–I only saw Muppets From Space and Muppet Treasure Island during childhood. As I have been spending more time with the Muppets, I have loved them even more than I already did, they are all about fun, happiness, friendship, creativity and remind us that all of these great things can happen regardless of how different we may be or may think we may be from someone else. The Muppets are such great friends and do so many wonderful things together regardless of the fact that they are so different and would be expected to be so dissimilar from one another. I love them and decided to write a Haiku about The Muppet Movie and what I got from it during my very first viewing a week ago. Enjoy!

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