A Nightmare on Elm Street Haiku

Just a little haiku about A Nightmare on Elm Street (Craven 1984)! I wrote this haiku with the intention of focusing on the overview of just the first of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies; however, after completing it I realized that it also works as a basic overview of all six movies of the series…Freddy kills you in your dream, he kills you in real life. I hope to make a unique haiku for each movie of the six part series as well as New Nightmare…hopefully that’s a dream that will soon become a reality! Enjoy!

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Cannibal Ferox Haiku

I’ve been really devouring Italian Cannibal movies lately…they really fascinate me for a number of reasons that I have yet to fully, thoroughly explore. Cannibal Ferox is one of many I have recently watched and enjoyed in my quest to satiate my appetite for Italian Cannibal films. This haiku (you’ll notice this format is 5-8-5, haikus can stray slightly from 5-7-5) is just a simple summary of the film, nothing more and nothing less. I hope you sink your teeth into it and enjoy!

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