The Sinful Dwarf Haiku

I recently had the pleasure of watching the 1973 Danish exploitation movie, The Sinful Dwarf for the special monthly Cultcore episode of the Cinema File Podcast hosted by my good friend Andrew. This movie was awesome and filled with disturbing, unique, glorious sleaze–it centers around a little person named Olaf who lives with his mother and helps her run their sex slave ring that is hidden away in the apartment building they rent out to tenants. I have a bigger essay planned for this movie that will take me some time to complete, so in the mean time I felt that a Haiku would be the perfect way to share my affection for The Sinful Dwarf. Read The Sinful Dwarf Haiku →

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Throwback Thursday: Midnight in Paris and The Tourist Gaze, Desire for Self-Mastery, and a New Kind of Ethnographer

Another Throwback Thursday essay! I wrote this essay during my senior year as an Undergraduate for a course on portrayals of the tourist in film. This essay discusses Woody Allen’s fantastic Midnight in Paris and how the character of Gil (Owen Wilson) interacts with the Tourist Gaze in order to fulfill his desire of self-mastery, his interactions with the Tourist Gaze posit him as a new type of ethnographer who hopes to gain something from the “natives” as a result of immersing himself in a society.

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The Muppet Movie Haiku

The Muppets are really great, I have been spending time watching all of the major Muppet movies that I missed when I was a kid–I only saw Muppets From Space and Muppet Treasure Island during childhood. As I have been spending more time with the Muppets, I have loved them even more than I already did, they are all about fun, happiness, friendship, creativity and remind us that all of these great things can happen regardless of how different we may be or may think we may be from someone else. The Muppets are such great friends and do so many wonderful things together regardless of the fact that they are so different and would be expected to be so dissimilar from one another. I love them and decided to write a Haiku about The Muppet Movie and what I got from it during my very first viewing a week ago. Enjoy!

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Haiku

Just a little haiku about A Nightmare on Elm Street (Craven 1984)! I wrote this haiku with the intention of focusing on the overview of just the first of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies; however, after completing it I realized that it also works as a basic overview of all six movies of the series…Freddy kills you in your dream, he kills you in real life. I hope to make a unique haiku for each movie of the six part series as well as New Nightmare…hopefully that’s a dream that will soon become a reality! Enjoy!

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On Labyrinth and the Journey to Adolescence

Labyrinth was one of my favorite movie growing up, I watched it constantly and never outgrew it. I was thrilled to learn that there was a midnight screening of Labyrinth at a theater in my area, it had been about four years since I watched this movie and I knew that the best way to revisit it would be on the big screen as I feel it was meant to be seen. This essay tells of my background with the movie, its significance to me during childhood and the significance it had to me when I had the chance to finally see it on the big screen. During my most recent viewing of the film, it had much more significance to me in a much different way than it ever had in childhood, I walked away from this screening being entranced by the film’s theme of growing up and becoming an adolescent and the significance that childhood has in one’s life in that it remains with you even after it has ended.

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Cannibal Ferox Haiku

I’ve been really devouring Italian Cannibal movies lately…they really fascinate me for a number of reasons that I have yet to fully, thoroughly explore. Cannibal Ferox is one of many I have recently watched and enjoyed in my quest to satiate my appetite for Italian Cannibal films. This haiku (you’ll notice this format is 5-8-5, haikus can stray slightly from 5-7-5) is just a simple summary of the film, nothing more and nothing less. I hope you sink your teeth into it and enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday: Crank and the Digital Age

The very first Throwback Thursday post! In honor of Throwback Thursday I’ll post an unedited piece that I wrote in the past, likely for an assignment from College. For the very first of this series, I have chosen Crank (2006). This was written in 2012 for my U.S. Film History Since 1950 class (a great class taught by the fantastic Prof. Siegel), we kept a blog for class and wrote about every film we wrote. This piece focuses on how Crank very perfectly serves as an example of the increase in camera movements and extremely short length of camera shots per second that films have featured more and more in the past ten years, and also reflects the digital age in general.

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The Point of No Return: On Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Laura Mulvey’s Male Gaze

This essay explores the relationship between Russ Meyer’s masterpiece Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Laura Mulvey’s theory of the Male Gaze. While the film aligns with some basic elements of the Male Gaze, it simultaneously strays from it through the presence of active, powerful and violent female characters who exert power and control over men. This contradictory relationship with the Male Gaze allows the film to function and be examined as a piece of alternative cinema.
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Glen or Glenda and Ed Wood’s Parapraxis Haiku

This piece was one of the strangest assignments I ever had during College; after screening Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda for my Cult Logics class, my professor emailed the class to give us our writing assignment to accompany the film. The assignment was to write a Haiku that said something about Ed Wood, Glen or Glenda and how the film represented his unconscious and thus, functioned as a Parapraxis.
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